Client Stories

Joe Herbert Realty was helpful from the very beginning. My first meeting was just to talk about what I wanted in my first home and the steps I would need to take in order to begin the process. After that, Joe started sending me houses that matched my criteria. I also looked at homes on Zillow. Joe took me to see many houses with both my boyfriend and my parents. He was so accommodating and helpful. He was honest with his thoughts on each home and pointed out many aspects most realtors would not know because he is also a landlord. Once I found the home I wanted he did everything to negotiate to where I felt comfortable. He communicated with me, the mortgage broker, and the listing agent throughout the entire process. Joe also went above and beyond and helped me after the closing to get my house where I wanted it by recommending services and companies. He has continued to work with me two weeks after closing to tie up loose ends. I am so happy I chose Joe Herbert Realty for my home buying needs. I highly recommend you do the same!